Subtle Body Services

Your subtle body is comprised of several energetic fields that surround your physical body.
These bodies become negatively affected by our faulty thoughts and feelings, which eventually reach our physical body.
This leads to mental and emotional unhappiness, affecting us physically as well.
By working on these issues through Rohun Energy, Yandhi, or having a Brazilian Light Energization, you will feel free of your faulty thoughts, allowing you to live the life you have always dreamed of!


Rohun Energy

Are you ready to get to the bottom of what faulty thoughts and negative self- concepts get in the way of your own happiness?

Rohun is an amazingly fast and transformational tool. Gain new depths, personal knowledge and powerful energetic releases. Rohun Energy can clear blocks and patterns. This is an amazing and miraculous process of enlightenment that is meant for those who are ready to start living their lives in the fullest. Rohun is done in stages and begins with 4 basic processes, followed by several advanced processes. In starting the Rohun journey, it is important to complete the first four processes to ensure permanent growth and change.

These are 

The Rohun Cards, which takes place the first session; Rohun Purification Process, which takes 3 to 5 sessions; Rohun Skim, which is one session done regularly until the client is ready for the Caged process; and Rohun Caged Process, which takes 4 sessions.

Rohun Cards Healing Process

Using the Rohun Cards is the quickest and most thorough way to get to the bottom of who you really are, while letting go of who you no longer want to be. You will discover the origins of your faulty thought patterns while releasing the energy blocks that have negatively influenced your relationships, behaviours, attitudes, and self-acceptance.
By looking at past lives, and current life situations, the process clears, heals, and enlightens, while releasing the blocked negative energies that are trapped in your energetic body. The changes in your life are both immediate and long term. You begin drawing more positive people, situations, and opportunities into your life, while feeling freer, lighter, and more confident.

Rohun Purification Process

The RoHun Purification process is an overall alignment of the seven major chakras (root, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, and crown). By tapping into your energy, the guide is able to pinpoint energetic blocks that are ready to be released. In doing so, you discover situations that have happened to you, planting seeds of emotional pain and faulty thought patterns. By clearing these blocks, you’ll obtain freedom from guilt and truly be able to understand, forgive, and release the past.

Each session takes about two hours.

Rohun Skim

Following a Purification Process, a skim clears remaining faulty thoughts and negative emotions, as you prepare to release any remnants of victim energy. These are done until that energy has shifted and “Caged” energy shows itself.

Each session takes about an hour and a half.

Rohun Caged Process

The Rohun Caged process is about discovering how we in fact have been abusing ourselves with certain faulty thoughts and feelings, leading to challenges within ourselves as well as the abuse of others.

The unmasking and releasing of the “Trickster” within yourself, gives you a renewed sense of power, clarity, and freedom. The process is challenging, revealing and enables you to receive a deeper cleansing of your chakras, while dealing with issues that may have been working against your highest good for several lifetimes or longer.

Each session takes about two hours.

“It has already been 6 months since I have last seen you and experienced a life changing time thru the Rohun treatments. I thank you very very much for your help in August. My relationship with my parents changed and actually improved. I even start experiencing detachment on many other levels in the last few weeks. It truly is sweet to taste one`s own growth. I so deeply hope this kind of inner changes have a permanent engraving onto me to help me on my path to be grounded & wise. In Novembre I went back home to France visiting my family. It was the best 2 weeks vacation time at my parent’s. I am still so amazed and enormously grateful of this memory. The Rohun sessions were an incredible and excellent investment. Merci de tout coeur.”

– Isabelle Straeli


Rohun is Amazing!

After struggling through a variety of therapies to treat a stutter and post traumatic stress disorder I did Rohun.

In therapy I was told the healing process was like an onion with layers you peel through to get to the core issue causing the stutter and PTSD.

Instead of spending years slowing peeling back painful layers of issues, analyzing, categorizing and labelling things the Rohun process went straight to the core issue and all the layers just fell away effortlessly with only a couple of sessions! Within a week my stutter was gone, PTSD symptoms were gone and best of all, I was very happy! I am very grateful for all the insights and awarenesses I gained through the process.

I highly recommend Rohun!


Brazilian Light Energization

Mauricio Panisset “Man Of Light” had an incredible gift.

He was able to bring cosmic light through his physical form, which brought physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing to those it touched. Through his system of Light Energization, his teachings continue to bring cosmic light to peoples lives.

“Light Energization is a unique systematic energy initiation that invokes higher spiritual frequencies and radiations of light from the cosmic realms to embrace, align, and modulate the spiritual, astral, and etheric bodies. The initiation expands the atoms molecules, and cellular composition to assimilate and sustain sacred geometric vibrations that open spiritual gateways to other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness.
In this unique and sacred process, you will awaken and draw kundalini energy up the chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open your psychic vision. Light Energization is for those who desire a spiritual awakening.”

You will be able to expand your psychic vision, increase your connection with your guides and teachers, balance male and female energies, and find inner peace and harmony!

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“My experience at Metaphysique was very powerful. I now feel complete and whole. It felt magical, as if I had ust met myself for the first time. I am excited to begin my life and living it to the fullest. Thank you! ”

– Alex. H



Find your true Inner Soul Mates with Yandhi’s Inner Light!

Within each of us, awaits two energies that need to be healed and reunited. These two energies are your Inner child, which rules your emotions in your Spleen Chakra, and your Adult self, which rules your thoughts in your Solar Plexus.

These two energies are constantly at odds with each other. Your emotions are filled with unmet needs and desires that rarely bring fulfillment, while your thoughts are being ruled by the need to control these feelings with a sense of great futility.

The Yandhi process heals the Inner Child and Inner Adult, creating an inner alchemy that balances thoughts and feelings, healing your past, and creating a healthy balance between the two. These two separate aspects of yourself will learn how to work harmoniously together, instead of constantly being at odds.

This is an excellent tool for those who feel out of touch with their feelings; as if their emotions and mind are in conflict.

After healing your emotional self, you free a joyful, creative and integrated part of yourself. You will gain a deeper level of self awareness and caring, by rescuing and encouraging your Inner Child’s natural abilities to create and bring joy to each day. You will have the exuberant energy to become involved in positive new adventures, while continually being provided with inspiration. You are the only one who can rescue your Inner Child. You can resurrect his or her creative and joyful spirit while providing greater depth and dimension to your life.

This energetic healing practice differs from most Inner child Work in that the Adult is rescued as well. The experience culminates with the Integration of the healed Adult and Child. Followed by experiencing Yhandi’s Inner Light; transcending states of consciousness, experiencing the self beyond ego. The peak mystical experience is a life changing process that leaves you with a vibrant sense of accomplishment and openness to new and positive experiences. You will ultimately be able to express greater creativity, discover a sense of joy, and experience the freedom of choosing what you want out of your life.

This process is done in four consecutive sessions. It is an important commitment to make to yourself because it takes time and perseverance. The changes and realizations that occur during and after the process are nothing less than miraculous. It is finally time to bridge the gap that you have been feeling!

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“Yandhi, beautiful Yandhi. You are a life changing experience to me. I feel “high” on life, with the greatest of expectation. I’m reborn. Many thanks to Linda and Lisa for their loving guidance and encouragement along my path of discovering the “true” me!”

– Sandra S.

“Thank you Yandhi for all your wisdom! I feel free, open, and ready to experience all the wonderful treasures that life has to offer! I am excited about the future and can’t wait to see what beautiful things life will bring! Thank you Lisa for showing me the path to freedom.”

– A. Rodrigues

“The Yandhi experience was very powerful. I now feel complete and whole. It felt magical, as if I had just met myself for the first time. I am excited to begin my life and living it to the fullest!”
“Yandhi is a gift to yourself. In a remarkably short amount of time, it changes everything about the way you feel about yourself and your life. It opens the truth to you and lets you see and feel who you are, and who you are intended to be. It opens you up and frees you to move forward with a clarity and balance you have never know before!”

– G. Adam