About Us

At Metaphysique, we are dedicated to helping you live life to your fullest potential. By discovering parts of your self that are holding you back, while uncovering new and exciting possibilities, our goal is to help you to bring ease and joy into your life, in a fun and exciting way!


lisa marvin

PhD in Complementary & Alternative Therapies, MhD Doctor of Metaphysics, RhD Doctor of Ro Hun

Lisa owns and operates Metaphysique, Yorkville’s center for spiritual growth.

Her vision for Metaphysique, was to create a beautiful, welcoming, and productive space, to help people achieve all of their personal goals.

Possessing a variety of powerful psychic and spiritual abilities (that became apparent when she was still a child) she has dedicated her life to helping people live the life they truly want.

By using different modalities, such as soul readings, Rohun Energy, and Kundalini energy work, she has proven that everyone can achieve their goals in a quick, fun, and directed manner. Through her down-to-earth and caring attitude, she guides people with ease, witnessing amazing life changes every day.

She has touched hundreds of lives and continues to do so on a daily basis through her teachings, readings.

Lisa has been featured on HGTV, City TV, Much Music, MTV, and is featured in Tonic Magazine.

You can visit Lisa’s website at www.lisamarvin.ca to get in contact for speaking opportunities.

Linda Marvin

Spiritual Director, Life Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor, Ch, Ci.


As a Spiritual Director, Linda will accompany you on your spiritual journey. If you are in a personal crisis, going through an illness, or dealing with death, spiritual direction exists in a context that emphasizes growing closer to your higher power.

As a Life Coach, Linda will guide and assist you in achieving your personal goals in a loving and focused manner. Life coaching is used by a growing number of psychologists to aid clients with transitions in their personal life, and in the process of self-actualization.


Relationship/Couple Coaching

Past Life Regression
Energy Work