Spirit Services

Our services for your spirit are designed to help you connect with your guides and higher self.
By receiving messages from the most all-knowing energy you have available to you, you are sure to feel satisfied, motivated, and at peace!

Life Path Readings

Our readings are designed to connect you to messages from your higher self and guides to give you the most accurate information about your life.

Rather than focusing on possible predictions, a reading focuses on where you are in your life, what has happened to get you there, and what you need to do to gain the most fulfilment possible. While channeling and using the Tarot cards, readings connect you to a deeper part of yourself that you might not be aware of. To gain more insight, most people begin with a reading, then from there choose the next perfect step of healing for them.

Angel Akasha Reading

Meet your Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides

Have you ever wondered which Angels and Guides were working with you to help you along your path? In this reading, we connect with your guides to bring you the messages they would like to share with you in a powerful and meaningful way. They are all waiting for you! Let us help you connect with them today!

“I had some fairly important life decisions to make and found myself going endlessly back and forth. The reading gave me the clarity I needed in order to move forward. I feel as though I have reclaimed part of myself that I forgot I had! Thank you Lisa for helping me step into the next chapter of my life.”

– Natalie I.

“Lisa engages her clients and allows them to really get the most out of the readings she gives. I would recommend Lisa for anyone looking for a reading, and I would urge everyone to book a session to really get a glimpse into them themselves. I would definitely go back the first chance I get.”

– Jordan S.

“I was feeling like I was a crossroads in my life. I wasn’t happy and not sure what to do next. My reading with Lisa touched deep parts of myself that I didn’t even know I had. I left the reading with more clarity, peace, and understanding. What a great experience!”

– Janice H.


45 minutes – $140 +hst


3 pack bundles – $390 +hst


90 – 120 minutes – $210 +hst

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