Mind Services

Our services for the mind are tailored perfectly for your specific needs.
Whether you need counselling, hypnosis, or some direction in your life, we have the tools to suit your needs!



Experience the amazing power of hypnosis by tapping into your own consciousness!

Don´t believe the misconceptions and myths, you are in control and aware during sessions.
Through guided visualizations, we can help you change unwanted habits, fears and phobias. We deal with Smoking, Weight Control, Self Confidence, Pain Management, Phobias, Pre-op, Hypno-birthing, and Pediatric.

Life Coaching

Life coaching can guide and assist you in achieving your personal goals in a loving and focused manner.

We will get you moving in whatever area of your life that is stuck, whether you need help cleaning your closets, with starting a new health regime, improving personal relationships, or starting a new career, life coaching can help.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a personal exploration and journey into your own soul and psyche.

This rapidly growing field of personal growth is both exciting and profound, offering great insight into repeating patterns in our lives and our role in it all.
Whether you believe in reincarnation, or whether you see it as an elaborate metaphor for your life from deep within your subconscious, it makes no difference to the profound impact it can have, and can give a fresh perspective on current day situations.

Given enough information, we can make different choices. Past Life Regression can allow one to see repeating cycles, patterns, peoples, places, values and life lessons that all contribute to who we are in the world. Sometimes unfinished business is carried over from life to life, and this experience can help you identify and come to a new understanding of the people and events in your life from a larger perspective.

Spiritual Direction

There are times in our lives when we experience dark moments, feel alone, and wonder what our life purpose is.

We or a family member might be going through an illness, or dealing with death.

It is not always easy to feel comfortable discussing spirituality with the people around us. We offer a forum for ongoing education, confidential supervision, and a safe place to contemplate our Higher Self.

Spiritual direction allows you to explore and deepen your relationships. While respecting your values, we support you in growing spiritually, whatever your religious affiliation. We journey with you as you examine your experiences, share losses, seek encouragement, and integrate Spirit into our daily life.


Spiritual Psychotherapy

You will benefit from our innovative and effective techniques of working through your problems!

Our therapists act as guides and support systems, as they help you pinpoint the areas of your life that need attention. Our unique approach can help you deal effectively with feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration with ease and confidence. Live life to its fullest, let us help you today!
Through Experiential and Transpersonal Psychotherapy we use appropriate techniques including the following modalities:

Body Psychotherapy

This work is a quick means to get in touch with what is going on inside of you, through touch and movement. Constrictions are our stored responses, defenses and blockages. We do therapeutic body work sessions with our clients on a table; the session can be with or without words. As we converse with you in terms of what you are feeling in your body, we bring the awareness back into your consciousness in order to release and transform old energy into new.

Chakra Work

Chakra work is a form of energy psychotherapy that focuses on the chakras and accesses areas that might be frozen within us. Most of our issues, shadow and wounded ness happen in the lower chakras.
Through chakra techniques such as chakra cording, energy transfer and chakra emotional release, we can gain new insights, and shift relationships, and facilitate change on many levels.

Dream Work

Dreams are an avenue to the unconscious, and help us to understand the inner workings of our psyche. Dreams will help bring insight, and can be examined in two ways; actual people or objects are aspects of us, or that our dreams are literal, showing objective truths.

Inner Child Work

No one has survived the “perfect childhood”. Our parents did the best they could, with the tools they had, coming from their own woundedness. Our journey is about healing, as most of us do not have a healthy adult model. As adults we can carry the negative voice of an “inner critic” or the burden of a “wounded child.” That can leave us feeling isolated, abandoned angry, or overly sensitive. We work with you so that you will not remain stuck, and will come to a place of acceptance and consciousness.

Experiential (family) Sculpting

This modality utilizes Focusing, Cognitive therapy, Movement, Metaphors, and Symbolism; the key is the acting out, narrowing the gap between thinking and feeling, leading to catharsis.
Catharsis involves the freeing of psychic energy that accompanies an expansion of consciousness. As the psyche includes previously disowned parts of itself, the energies previously exerted in the service of repression become available for more conscious utilization.

Guided Imagery

Through Guided Imagery we can access repressed hurts and anger, meet your sub personalities, deal with long standing psychological dilemmas, and do grief work, allowing you to feel in charge. Guided Imagery uses your imagination to access our unconscious; our unconscious mind knows what is needed and will provide it.
In this state we are more capable of rapid and intense healing growth, learning and change. With the sensory image, echoes of mood, emotions, physiological state and blood chemistry associated with the original event reverberate in our body.

Additional Modalities


Breath Work

Anger Work