Connecting with Spirit

Our Connecting With Spirit Program allows you to know yourself more than just knowing your body, or your thoughts and feelings.

The self we must know is our immortal Spirit, something indescribable but real, that exists on a far higher level. Connecting with your Spirit steps up your rate of vibration, while your thoughts vibrate more rapidly, productively and positively. Connecting With Spirit is a mystical quest uniting you with your Spirit, creating new love, peace, joy, and creative power in your life.

How do you do it?

You must have three keys before you can successfully experience the reality, power, and abilities of your Spirit. All three are necessary and the keys must be used in the following order:

  • Desire – When you come to a point in your life when you want and need greater harmony and love, you are intuitively sensing a calling from your Spirit. It is time to connect with it.
  • Direction – Your Spirit is of Divine nature and the highest vibration within you. It can only reveal itself to you when your mind is calm and your heart is pure. Thoughts and feelings of sadness, pain, grief, anger, worry, anxiety, helplessness, and emotional numbing all block the natural and creative processes of your whole being. Connecting With Spirit is a program through which you connect with your Spirit, strengthening your spiritual abilities while beginning to transform your life. Through personal experiences, you are able to experience the reality and loving power of your Spirit.
  • Purpose – Your own Spirit cleanses, purifies, and transforms the structure and quality of your thoughts and feelings, releasing all that has blocked your true and unstoppable self.

Price: $1000

*Yhandi Therapy Additional

What People are Saying

“I am happy and grateful to have joined your mediation class. In just 2 weeks time into your class, I have noticed quite a shift of energy, perspective, clearing, and growth. Even though it seems subtle it feels solid!”

– Kimberly H.

The seven steps to the program

After this seven step program you will:

– Align with your higher self
– Define your direction and goals
– Awaken your intuitive and creative senses
– Discover your spiritual gifts and abilities
– Cleanse and purify toxic energies that have accumulated in your body
– Become a new, stronger, directive, and purposeful you!

Total time: 18 individual hours, 19 group hours


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