Past Life Regression

Have you been curious about experiencing some of your past lives? Do you feel you are experiencing some blocks that you can’t seem to figure out or get rid of?

We have created this fun and interactive class to help you discover who you were in some past lives, and how to get rid of the blocks that you have brought into this one!

This is a 5 week class, where you will get to discover different past lives that you have lived, while learning the lessons from them and letting go of what you no longer need!

Tuesday, November 19th for 5 weeks

6:00 - 8:00PM

At Metaphysique - 98 Avenue Road

Price: $375+hst

In just 5 weeks you will:

In five weeks you will:

  • Reveal what you have brought over from past lives
  • Release what you no longer need in this life
  • Gain a new sense of freedom and peace
  • Find out how relationships from this life relate to past lives

About Lisa:

Through years of working with clients and the Tarot cards, Dr. Lisa Marvin has discovered the most important formula for personal fulfillment. The only way to gain this fulfillment, is by understanding the truth of who you really are, and where you are in your life.

Learn about yourself, your spirit, and how to live your optimal life.

Climb out of your rut and learn how to foster change, harvest your own personal power, and learn from your most powerful teacher: yourself.

What People are Saying

“I’ve come away with a much deeper understanding od why I made the choices I’ve made in my life. Now I’m able to make better and healthier ones!”

– Sheri M.

“Lisa is a true master at getting to the bottom of our Faulty Thoughts. Her gift truly is helping others reach their higher self!”

– Katie B.

“I feel more centered overall, and understand myself better!”

– Dawn

“I totally enjoyed the course, finding my hidden blocks in my energy. Very insightful!”

– Jean